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About Us
Foggy Bottom and Summit has been born out of shared love of many different four legged and now two legged, web-footed creatures. Our family consists of David and Cindy who have been together for over 20 years, and our three children-Alec, Ellie and Meredith. Born and raised in Eastern Iowa, we wouldn't live anywhere else.

We currently raise, train and show Cardigan Welsh Corgis, as well as Clydesdales. Our other adventures include performance work with our rescue dogs and stock horses, volunteering with the Linn County 4-H/FFA and the CRKA K9Ambassadors program. In 2007 we added duck, chickens in 2011 and are now actively working on a show line of rare breed ducks-Anconas, Indian Runners and playing around with Ancona, Buff Brahama and Amerucana chickens. Poultry exhibition is just another extension to share the joy of our animals with others.

One of our other passions is the use of heritage and rare breeds on our farm. Be it the livestock such as the Anconas, Runners, Clydesdales or the garden with heirloom vegetables, we feel that going back to the old ways might just be the best way. Our commitment is from our past, our present and bettering the world to provide a future.

The name Foggy Bottom actually comes from an area in the Georgetown/Washington D.C. and there's a fun story about a Metro ride, a conductor and lots of giggles inbetween-be sure to ask us about that when you come to visit. But this name also fits our current and long term residence well. Situated at the head waters of Indian Creek, we often have a lovely foggy haze that drifts up to the house and barn on cool days. It is truly wonderous to watch the Clydesdales mysteriously appear out of the fog, like prehistoric beasts.

Summit is the name that Alec has chosen as his kennel name. This comes from his many years in FFA and the phrase of "Reaching the Summit". His goal is to take each of his dogs to that summit and along the way make great friends, create new paths and have grand adventures.

Our mission for all our endevors is always the same. We strive to breed animals that are as close to the written standard as possible, while preserving the qualities that originally attracted us to the breed. Structure, health, temperament and working ability all play a vital roll in acheiving this goal. It is our honest intention to plan our breedings not with our egos in mind but the long term viability of the breeds as our greatest concern.

Please enjoy our website and as noted above, we welcome you to email, call or arrange a visit.

Blessings to you and yours,

Cindy, David, Alec, Ellie and Meredith
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