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Health information for dogs owned by, related to or in the pedigrees of Foggy Bottom and Summit Dogs:
Dog's Name Call Name PRA Status CERF Results Hip Status
Other Known
Health Issues
 CH Kylea's FoggyBotm Magic Tric CD RN CGC HiC  Fred  Noncarrier  Normal  OFA Good  Allergic to Barley
 CH Kylea's FoggyBottom Hat Tric  Phoebe  Noncarrier  Normal
 Mild HD-bilateral subluxation
 on left side
 Foggy Bottom's Pella Tulip  Tuli  Noncarrier  Normal  OFA Fair  altered
 AM GRCH/CAN CH Summit FogyBtm White Russian CGC HiC  Russ  Noncarrier  Normal  OFA Mild HD-mild subluxation  
 Summit's Whiskey Girl CGC HiC  Shooter  Noncarrier  Normal
 Normal-xray cleared by board certified
orthopedic surgeon
 Summit's Margaritaville FB  Marg  Noncarrier  Normal
 Normal-xray cleared by board certified
orthopedic surgeon
 deceased 2011
 AM/CAN CH Summit FogyBotm Play It By Ear  Abbey  Noncarrier  Normal  OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal Cardiac Normal 
 AM/CAN CH FogyBtm Summit Rvnge Is Sweet RN CD CGC TDI HiC  Moose  Noncarrier  Normal  Not tested at this time   
 Qwaynts Foggy Bottom Cayden CGC RN  Wally  Noncarrier  Normal  OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Normal  
 CH Beaszak's Foggy Bottom Uncle Fester RN CGC TDI  Eddie  Noncarrier  Normal  OFA Hips Fair
 CH Sumjammin's Five O'Clock Somewhere FB CGC  Frankie  Noncarrier  Normal Not tested at this time
CH Sumjammin's Come Monday FB  Dove  Noncarrier  Normal Not tested at this time
Sumjammin's I Want You! at FB  Pete  Noncarrier  Normal Not tested at this time
Bejammin's Own Merlot at FB  Merlot  Noncarrier  Normal  Not tested
Summit FogyBotm Sailor's Moon  Charlie  Noncarrier
 Not Tested
 Too young to test
GRCH Camelot's Midnite Masquerade  Phantom  Noncarrier
 PennHip L-.45 R-.43
 CH Kinmar's Royal Crown  Roy  Noncarrier
 Not tested
Cardigan Welsh Corgis
Hip Dysplasia
-excellent article on Cardi Commentary-
International Hip Ratings Explained
PRA in Cardigans
**I will provide all known testing information for dogs that I use that I do not own. Also note dogs listed that are related to dogs that are in our pedigrees but not used for breeding.
Please refer to the international ratings comparison link for further comparison of dogs that we might use, that are tested overseas. I will not make any adjustments to the rating to translate to another rating system, please use your own judgement in making those translations.

Updated 6-11-11