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May 2015
We are starting our paperwork to become NPIP certified. Both David and I are Iowa certified pollorum testers, just one more step in making the poultry a business!
Check with us in the spring of 2016 and we should have Ancona ducklings, Pilgrim Goslings and select wyandotte and maran chicks.
2012 Linn County Fair

Meredith and the birds had some great wins at fair.

Reserve Medium Breed duck to the eventual Best in Show Winner

Multiple class wins with the rest of the ducks and chickens

Best in Show-Showmanship!

2013 Linn County Fair

Lots of blue ribbons in a fair to remember-due to flooding it was moved to Delaware County.
Best in Class with several birds and Reserve Best in Show with her cleaned headed Tufted Roman Goose!

2014 Linn County Fair

Several Best in Class Banners in the house including her runner, pilgrim goose and a rooster! Fun to see her in the champions row with so many birds!

2014 EIPA Fall Show

Junior Show Results
Best single comb clean legged D'Uccle pullet
Best in Class with her Welsummer hen and off to Champions Row!
Best Heavy Goose