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St Paul Specialties and All Breed
What a way to start off the year!
Friday-Chip goes BOS in Sweeps at the North Star Show and then RWD to the major. Cora's debut also results in RWB to the major.
Connor is BOV with a pull in group!
Saturday-Cara the pem is 1st in her class. Chip and Cora both get their first majors with WD/WB and Chip is BOW! Connor is once again BOV.
Sunday-nothing entered but Connor who takes Select to finish his Silver Grand Championship!

Central Iowa Kennel Club
The new year sure is starting off great. On to CIKC and the wicked weather.
Chip is WD/BOW for his second major. Cora is RWB to them major and Cara the pem is WB!
Connor out does everyone and is BOV then a huge Group 2!
Day 2 is just as good with Chip finishing his Championship under June Penta with another WD/BOW and Cora finishes her CH with a major WB. Cara the pem is WB again.

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