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We are involved with several rescue organizations. Having started our family with a rescue dog, these wonderful people are near and dear to our heart. Currently we only do fosters for special needs dogs including seniors. But we do actively participate in fundraising events, help with transportation, home visits and temperament testings of dogs within the rescue system. My motto is if you can't rescue don't breed. Many of the dogs within the system are there due to the lack of support by a responsible breeder, a new owners failure to adequately plan for the arrival of a new dog and lastly not getting a dog suited to you and your lifestyle. Spend some time with a rescue dog, first they will melt your heart and second you will realize why we take such precautions when placing our own dogs with a new family.

Senior rescue is near and dear to my heart. It's a shame for these oldies but goldies to have to live out the rest of their short lives not knowing the comfort of a warm secure bed and waking each morning to find that they are loved without end. Jack, a senior pembroke corgi, who is also special needs, is just one such dog. I call all who adopt angels and after a year of living with us, Jack found just that, two special angels who love him without measure. I will be adding a link to Jack's page in the next few weeks.

Also please understand that rescue is not without it's heartbreaks. The hardest thing to do for a dog is make the decision to end it's life as it would be the most humane thing to do. Don't judge anyone in rescue for their choices until you have to be in thier shoes.

Consider a rescue dog or if you can't, contact one of the listed organizations and ask how you can help. Drive, type or just spread the word. A dog who gets his forever home will thank you!
Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Rescue Trust
Mississippi Valley German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Cedar Valley Humane Society
Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue
MN/WI Collie Rescue
Rescue A Golden of Minnesota
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"For the responsible breeder, breed rescue is just a matter of course". David Frei, the voice of Westminster
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