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We really have turned into Ol'McDonald's farm! In the spring of 2006, we "adopted" three ducks and two chickens from a couple of college students. You guessed it, they were playing "Friends". This evolved into a few more ducks that we used to test and train for herding with the dogs, with the added bonus of fresh eggs!

In 2007 we added a few more and by 2008, it was a nice flock of Anconas and Khaki Campbells. Of course, why not show them? This in turn lead to a RBIS with our first Ancona Drake.

In 2009 we parted with the Khaki's and added Cayugas. I'm not as thrilled with those as the others, so the Cayugas went to a friend who loves them.

2011 was a turning point in the poultry yard, we actually added chickens! A mixed run hatch of about 40 birds that we adopted from the local bank. 1/2 were bound for the freezer, the remaining birds stayed to provide us with amusement and eggs. Each year we continue to add from the bank chicks and currently we have l be keeping some laying hens: golden laced wyandottes, red stars, maran crosses, ameraucanas, and more marans. Our concentration will be on the wyandottes and marans.

Our adventure is just beginning, now joining the flock are some spectacular Pilgrim geese, some tufted roman geese....and the goat!
We are still in the learning stages of the poultry business and are not afraid to say so. But having a firm foundation with some great mentors has given us a "wing" up on others. Please browse the site, let us know what you think and comments are welcome!

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